Kitchen Splash Backs

Kitchen splashbacks are essential features for your home. The main purpose of kitchen splashback is to decorate your kitchen walls. With this in mind, splashbacks can help your kitchen to feel more luxurious, elegant and classy with their clear and shiny look.


However, kitchen glass splashbacks aren’t simply for decorative purposes because they also act as a wipe-clean screen which can protect your kitchen walls from grease, liquids and other mess. If your kitchen wall is exposed to such moisture then over a long period of time you might notice it start to mould. This can be difficult to get rid of later on, as well as expensive to treat.


Kitchen splashbacks tend to sit behind your kitchen hob to capture any splashes of oils or liquids and stains from food or cooking oil. This prevents your special tiling or wall painting from getting damaged.



We all know that kitchens tend to become the messiest rooms in our homes, which is why kitchen glass splashbacks are extremely useful for helping to maintain a hygienic and germ-free kitchen. What is brilliant about kitchen splash backs is that they make cleaning a breeze for you, which makes your bathroom and kitchen surface much more sanctuary.


An incredible benefit of kitchen splashbacks is that it is simple and fast to install in your kitchen. On top of this, many kitchen splashbacks offer a mirror effect with reflects light to offer an illusion of a bigger room. Furthermore, you will find that kitchen glass splashbacks offer an aesthetic appeal. With a variety of colours and designs to choose from to match your kitchen’s interior.


In addition, another advantage of kitchen glass splashbacks is that they tend to be heat resistant up to 220 degrees, which means that your hot hob won’t cause the glass to break. Enjoy cooking for as long as you wish without the fear of your splashback getting damaged.


Here at Glass FX, for more than 20 years we have been providing our customers with hundreds of kitchen glass splashbacks in Auckland. Therefore, when it comes to kitchen splashbacks in Auckland no one else carries the knowledge and experience that we have.