Splashback Products

A splashback is a kitchen essential. Not only is it exceptionally practical because it makes cleaning up after cooking easy, it is also a focal point of the kitchen and adds class to the kitchen design. Splashbacks are also ideal for the bathroom. Because of the material and placement of splashbacks, they make cleaning up so much easier and make the surfaces of the bathroom and the kitchen more hygienic.

At Glass FX, we offer a wide range of stylish splashbacks. We offer custom options to ensure that your splashback is the ideal colour, material, and size for your home. Over more than 20 years, we have provided hundreds of splashbacks to happy clients in Auckland.

Our wide range of splashback products

At Glass FX, we offer an expert service that includes measuring, supply and installation, as well as a vast range of splashback options. When it comes to splashbacks in Auckland no one has more experience than us. We ensure that you get a splashback that complements your décor, matches your budget and wows your family and friends. Our professionals are more than happy to offer you their expert advice.

Painted Splashbacks

Our wide range of solid coloured and graphic splashbacks are stylish and timeless and look fabulous in any kitchen or bathroom. We can match the exact colour of your walls if you want a sleek and seamless look when it comes to your splashback.

Graphic splashbacks

We have a range of designer graphics and patterns if you want to make a statement with your splashback. We may even be able to customise your splashback with your own design or favourite photograph. Contact us to chat about your ideas for your new glass bathroom or kitchen splashbacks.

Mirrored splashbacks

Mirrored splashbacks are particularly popular for bathrooms, but can create an illusion of space in small kitchens and provide extra light in dark kitchens.

Choose from our range of standard mirror-splashbacks, our beautiful antique-look mirrors and our stylish colour-tinted mirror-splashbacks.

Textured Splashbacks

You don’t need to settle for only smooth splashback options anymore! We now have the latest textured splashbacks that offer even more depth to your style while still providing all benefits of glass splashbacks. Textured kitchen splashbacks are a modern and popular choice for many homeowners.

Ready to add a splashback to your kitchen design? If you’re not too sure what type of splashback would look best in your home, one of our experts here at Glass FX would be more than happy to offer you some professional advice. With more than 20 years of experience we can help you choose the ideal splashback! Get in touch with us today on 09 280 4725